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Complete Auto Servicing


Minor Car Service

Every car needs touch ups from time to time, to keep it operating smoothly. Safety Service Centre provides minor car servicing, maintaining your car's condition and extending its lifetime through preventative measures. Whether you need your exhaust, spark plugs or transmission checked, minor servicing covers all of this.

MINOR SERVICE (LUBE SERVICE) every 5,000 kms Change engine oil. Check all fluid levels. General safety check & inspection. Check lights, horn, washers etc. Check drive belts & exhaust system. Check & adjust all tyre pressures, including spare tyre. Road test vehicle.

Auto Servicing

Intermediate / Full Service

For issues that you can't let linger, come to Safety Service Centre for immediate car servicing. We know how important your car is to you, and that you can't wait an excessive amount of time for critical car servicing. We respect your time, which is why we provide immediate service for some tasks.


  • Includes Minor (Lube) Service. Also check & if needed top up all under bonnet fluid levels. Change of oil and oil filter. Check of: transaxle oil level, gearbox/transmission oil level & differential oil level. Lubricate & adjust all door locks & hinges.
  • Brake System Check: check all friction linings for wear & adjust as required; inspect hydraulic system for leaks; check & adjust handbrake.
  • Electrical System Check: check operation of all lights, wipers, washers, horn & other electrical equipment; check operation of air conditioner.
  • Steering & Suspension Check: check all steering, suspension & driveline components for wear/play.
  • Engine Tune: check spark plugs & ignition system; service air filter; check ignition timing, idle speed & mixture; add injection cleaner to fuel tank.
  • Engine Cooling System Check: check all hoses & fittings; pressure test for leaks. Check operating temperature. Check all drive belts.
  • Exhaust System: check system for leaks & rattles.
  • Hot wash & dry engine. Test battery. Road test vehicle.
Minor Car Service

Major Service

Every now and then, your car may require major servicing. Safety Service Centre's extensive and thorough servicing will mean your car will be back on the road as quickly as possible, no matter what issues you were having with your brakes, steering and suspension, or anything else.

MAJOR SERVICE - every 20,000 kms

Includes all of Full Service as well as:

  • Change of transaxle oil
  • Change of gearbox/transmission oil
  • Change of differential oil
  • Spark plugs are replaced
  • Air, fuel and pollen filters are replaced